I know this may sound clique, but everyone does have their own special talent. Some people are athletic, some people are artistic, and others are smart. Of course, these are all very broad categories and not everyone will fit in one of them, but you get the gist. A person usually has something that they are better at than their friends are. In Savvy by Ingrid Law, the Beaumonts also have a wide variety of talent in the family, but on a higher level. Their talents are supernatural. When a person in the Beaumont family turns thirteen, he or she receives their talent, or “savvy” as they call it. Mibs Beaumont is thrilled to finally turn thirteen and discover her power. Unfortunately, her birthday is interrupted when her father gets in a car accident and goes into a coma. Now she hopes that she gets a savvy that can save him. Believing she can help, she and her siblings sneak on a bus headed towards the hospital her father’s staying at. And… the rest is a wonderful adventure that you’ll have to read! As usual, I am recommending a children’s book cuz their awesome! 🙂

So writing a review for Savvy got me thinking about talent among other things and I found this picture.

Savvy Talent

This picture is supposed to represent a special and talented person. I dislike this picture, especially if it’s supposed to apply to a person as a whole. I believe this would only apply if a group of people were evaluated for one talent. Take soccer for instance. If you tested a group of people to see how well they could play soccer, then some people would be much better than others. If you tested the same group for a different talent, let’s say writing, then there would be more talented or “orange” people. Really every person would be orange because they all have talent, just in different areas. You will find your savvy!

I also dislike it when this picture is used to tell people to be different from everybody else. I mean, there’s about seven billion people on this planet so we can’t all be different from each other. That’s fine if that’s who you are, but I hate it when people change who they are to be noticed or get attention. Like how many celebrities do crazy things to get attention. Like how many freshman in high school try to completely change their image to seem cool. It’s sad. Especially since instead of being cool, they’re usually kind of hyper and annoying. I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people. In eighth grade they were cool and normal but in ninth grade they were almost a different person. By tenth grade, most of them become themselves again. I don’t know, maybe that was just at my school. But if you’re a freshman, then don’t change your personality because it’s probably awesome! Basically I’m just saying the clique phrase “Be true to yourself.” But seriously, be true to yourself. Here’s another bumper-sticker worthy phrase that I love:


oscar wilde

Yeah, I don’t know how I went from talking about talent to telling you to be yourselves, but hope you liked!


2 thoughts on “Savvy

  1. mperrismith says:

    I remember reading Savvy, and it was a fantastic book — the author came to my school and really inspired me to continue with my writing.

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