Here in America, we are proud of our individual rights and freedoms. We like to be able to make our own choices about where we live, where we work, whom we marry, and whom we vote to be our leader. However, sometimes it is challenging to have to make all of your own decisions, especially when it is something you are not accustomed to doing. For example, when slavery was abolished in America and slaves were set free from captivity, many of them had difficulty adjusting. As slaves, although their lives may have been terrible, they at least knew what they had to do to survive. Once they were set free, no one told them what to do or when to do it anymore; they had to make their own decisions, and that meant having to find their own food and shelter.

Similarly, in Matched by Allie Condie, the people are like slaves to their society. Just about every part of their life is carefully controlled. Citizens in this future society cannot choose where they work, where they live, whom they marry, what they wear, what they eat, or even when they die. However, most people, like Cassia have always been happy in their society. It always seems to choose what is best for them. That is, until the day of Cassia’s Matching Ceremony. This is a ceremony in which society chooses the perfect mate for a person who wants to get married. When Cassia’s best friend Xavier appears on the screen as her match, she is happy, until she begins to fall in love with Ky. For the first time, Cassia begins to doubt her perfect society. Now she has a choice to make. She can take the easy path and submit to her society where she will be well-taken care of or she can venture out into the unknown in order to fight to be with the one she loves.


2 thoughts on “Matched

  1. purplerain15 says:

    wow this series looks really good! as a book lover myself, this site caught my attention while browsing through “recommended for you” and I am very glad I clicked on it!

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