Books vs. Movies

Books vs. Movies

If you are anything like me, then you usually prefer the book version of a story over the movie. In my opinion, books just have a special quality to them that cannot be captured in a movie. Books make me more emotional. I care more about what happens the characters because I know them better. I can read what they think or how they feel. In a movie, I can’t understand a character’s motives or thoughts or feelings as well as I could in a book because a movie replaces many of the words with images. I’m not saying I don’t like movies. I love them. I just hate it when an author writes an amazing book and someone has to come along and ruin it with a terrible movie. I think this picture sums it up:

never judge a book by its movie

Take Percy Jackson for instance. This is one of my top three favorite book series. The movie, however, ranks as my very least favorite movie based on a book. Some movies actually do a good job. My favorite is Harry Potter. It’s amazing to see their world of magic come to life. Just about everything from the characters to the setting is exactly how I imagined it’d be. Percy Jackson is not one of those movies. At all. For one thing, the characters are supposed to be thirteen in the Sea of Monsters, not in their mid twenties! One of the female protagonists, Annabeth, who, in the book, is an incredibly smart kick-butt warrior, is basically a cheerleader in the movie. I feel like the producers took the characters and general ideas of the book and made it into a completely different story. I usually would not mind this as long as it was a good movie, but then they had to go and change a Greek mythology story from they way it has been for thousands of years. I have heard from many of my friends that they liked the movie. Percy Jackson is not a terrible movie; it’s only terrible compared to the books.


4 thoughts on “Books vs. Movies

  1. trungtin610 says:

    I totally agree with you. Movies are ALWAYS better than books. The movie of the Lightning Thief didn’t do any justice to the amazing first book of the series. In the movie, the plot was mainly about searching for the pearls to escape the underworld, but in the book, Poseidon simply gives the pearls to his son.

    • I know! Did you see the second movie? It was even worse! Kronos rises two books earlier than he’s supposed to and he looks like a giant transformer made of rocks. And then Fake Percy (I shall call him this because he is nothing like the real Percy) comes along and stabs the giant Fake Kronos rock transformer with his teeny tiny sword and Fake Kronos dies. It is not supposed to be that easy to destroy a titan! I have many complaints about this movie.

      • trungtin610 says:

        I wonder who filmed and directed the Harry Potter movies…those are the people we need to recreate the awesome Percy Jackson Series! The Hunger Games is coming out pretty good. Divergent is also coming in theaters as well (praying that it will be as good as the book)

      • Yes! That would be awesome! I love the Divergent series but I’m scared to see the movie. I looked at the actors who are playing Tobias and Tris and I don’t think they look good for the part. Oh well I also hope it will be good!

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